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ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System


ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) – is a global standard for environmental management systems which provides the framework for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. The ISO 14001 standard provides a model for establishing a management system that is focused on controlling and improving a company's impacts on the environment impact and constantly improve their environmental performance.

In this standard, environmental management system tools and techniques are described as a framework for continual improvement of environmental performance, including compliance to environmental regulations. Effectively applied, ISO 14001 promises cost savings, waste reduction, energy efficiency, resource productivity, and improvements in public relations and liability. With a thorough understanding of ISO 14001 and its application in a wide variety of industries, countries and businesses of different sizes. Quantum Systems can assist you to develop and implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system specific to the needs of your organization. We provide consulting, training, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation during ISO 14001 certification audit.

 Principle 1  Commitment to environmental management should penetrate the organization
 Principle 2  Identification of legislative and regulatory requirements and  environmental aspects
 Principle 3  Development of a management process for achieving objectives and  targets
 Principle 4  Providing appropriate financial and human resources to achieve  objectives and   targets
 Principle 5  Assignment of clear procedures for accountability and responsibility
 Principle 6  Establishment of a management review and audit process to identify  areas for  improvement
 Principle 7  Development and maintenance of communication with internal and  external  interested parties


 Reduced cost of waste management  Lower distribution costs
 Enhancing business reputation & image  Improved corporate image
 Savings in consumption of energy and  materials  Competitive advantage in the   marketplace
 Compliance with legal or business  requirement  Lessens incidents that result in  liability