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ISO 31000 : 2009

Corporate Risk Management System


ISO 31000:2009 is the international standard for risk management. By providing comprehensive principles and guidelines, this standard helps organizations with their risk analysis and risk assessments. Whether you work in a public, private or community enterprise, you can benefit from ISO 31000, because it applies to most business activities including planning, management operations and communication processes. Whilst all organizations manage risk to some extent, this international standard’s best-practice recommendations were developed to improve management techniques and ensure safety and security in the workplace at all times. By implementing the principles and guidelines of ISO 31000 in your organization, you’ll be able to improve operational efficiency, governance and stakeholder confidence, while minimising losses. This international standard also helps you to boost health and safety performance, establish a strong foundation for decision making and encourage proactive management in all areas.

ISO 31000 recognizes that organizations operate in an uncertain world. Whenever you try to achieve an objective, there’s always the chance that things will not go according to plan. There’s always the chance that you will not achieve what you expect to achieve. Every step you take to achieve an objective involves uncertainty. Every step has an element of risk that needs to be managed. According to ISO 31000, you can reduce your uncertainty and manage your risk, by using a systematic approach to risk management.

 BENEFITS OF ISO 31000 : 2009
 Proactively improve operational efficiency and governance
 Build stakeholder confidence in your use of risk techniques
 Apply management system controls to risk analysis to minimize losses
 Improve management system performance and resilience
 Respond to change effectively and protect your business as you grow