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There are two major pillars of Lean Production System. One is Just-in-Time system and other is Kaizen. Just-in-Time System was developed as a result of adoption and adaptation of Mass Production Techniques. Quantum Systems adds value to Clients by developing the internal capabilities of our clients through Lean Coaching, Training, and Facilitation. Our clients include organizations from the industrial and consumer products, defense/aerospace, healthcare, insurance, biotech, and medical device sectors. Providing lean manufacturing and lean six sigma training, lean healthcare training, and lean transformation consulting services; we can help you achieve lower costs, improved productivity and quality, and decreased time-to-market. Quantum’s view is that successful lean transformations require a comprehensive implementation approach. Quantum's following Lean Management Programs focus on the processes and goal of creating a culture of continuous improvement, change management and lean thinking.

LEAN ASSESSMENT: Following an Introduction to Lean methods and goals, our clients work with a Senior Lean Advisors Consultant to identify their organization’s existing Value Streams, assess key opportunities for improvement, and develop a high level strategy- complete with measures, timeframes, resource requirements, and success criteria.
LEAN PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: At the outset, Phase 1 entails creating Lean Foundations covering introduction to Lean providing the Process Improvement Team with a fundamental understanding of Lean Principles. The training will provide a primer on Lean concepts, tools and improvement methods to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the techniques that will be deployed. In Phase 2 our Value Stream Transformation phase follows a well -structured process emphasizing stakeholder engagement through active participation of stakeholders in key project events. In Phase 3 which involves Lean Implementation through Coaching and Kaizen Support. Kaizen is a critical team problem solving / improvement tool supporting companies and organizations in their ongoing improvement activities identified through Enterprise Value Stream Mapping. 
STRATEGIC (HOSHIN) PLANNING PROCESS: Lean Advisors approach to the Strategic (Hoshin) Planning Process with organizations is based on integrating the fundamental Lean Enterprise Value Stream Transformation model. The Hoshin Planning Process is a systematic planning methodology for defining the long-range key objectives of the organization and optimizing and maintaining the day to day operations of existing business processes and Value Streams. Lean Advisors integrates Value Stream thinking into this strategic planning process.
LEAN TRANSFORMATION: At the outset, Phase 1 leadership and sponsorship issues are addressed to help set the stage for positive change. In Phase 2 interactive workshops uncover the barriers that are constraining the organization and set the stage for rapid improvement projects. As improvements are implemented, measured and documented, standards are established in Phase 3 to lock in the gains and facilitate the replication and scaling of successful interventions to other parts of the organization. In Phase 4, knowledge transfer occurs throughout, leaving the organization with strong core competencies in identifying, implementing, and reinforcing ongoing quality improvement.
LEAN LEADERSHIP: Organizations that are successful in Managing Change and improving business processes develop truly shared problem solving across departmental and specialty boundaries. Success involves changes not only to procedures and systems but also to workplace behaviours and culture, improving communication, cooperation and shared accountability for continuous improvement.
LEADERSHIP COACHING: This is coaching for the ‘coach’ – so that the Lean Leader is charged with coaching the Implementation Teams and Change Agents. Lean success is all about working through people, getting them on board, and achieving sustainability because they own the improvements.
CHANGE MANAGEMENT: The Lean Advisors Change Management programs enhance the skills and effectiveness of the Lean pilot team in building buy-in, sustainable behavioural and cultural change as well as dealing with resistance. Lean Advisors introduce and inculcate Cultural Value Stream Process helping organizations change deep-seated waste-producing behavioural habits and enables a culture that supports and expedites successful Lean implementation.
MANAGEMENT CAPACITY: This program will give a structured step by step method of ‘how’ to create more time for middle management while increasing the time spent on ‘value’ activities such as training, coaching, continuous improvement etc. that support and drive the strategy of the corporation.  The Standard Leadership Roles are also routines that decrease stress levels and allow managers to work at an optimum level of energy without tiring themselves out.
LEAN CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: The Lean Certification Program is based on a proven adult learning methodology, “Learn – See – Do – Lead”. Lean Advisors collaborates with the leadership team to identify the ideal number of candidates for each certification level. It is this long term objective, to develop knowledgeable internal Lean Leaders combined with our approach to actively engage and empower staff at all levels of the organization, that ultimately creates the cultural transformation. The Lean Certification program provides complete training, support and coaching to successfully certify applicants.