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FAMI-QS Code of Practice


FAMI-QS ASBL is the management and coordination center for the FAMI-QS code of practice. It is the only certifiable code specifically aimed at Specialty Feed Ingredients and Their Mixtures (feed additives, functional feed ingredients, premixtures, specialty complementary feeds, specialty complementary dietetic feeds) for animal nutrition. The code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance in order to minimize the risk that unsafe specialty feed ingredients enter the feed and food chain. It offers independent certification for all operators placing these products on the market. Based on partnership with international certification bodies and third countries institutional partners, it includes more than 800 certified sites spread across more than 50 countries. A tool for complying with the Feed Hygiene Regulation, which encourages the development of systems to good practice for hygiene and requires the application of HACCP principles. FAMI-QS is a derivation of European Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System. FAMI-QS code of practice bases itself on a Quality Management System. The certificate guarantees the implementation of the requirements for feed hygiene in animal nutrition as laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005. The European Regulation on Feed Hygiene (183/2005) sets up hygiene and safety requirements for the whole feed chain - this includes feed additives and premixtures. This Regulation also promotes the establishment of codes of practice in the feed chain. Therefore the feed additive industry has decided to establish a code of practice covering feed additives and premixtures (as defined in Regulation 1831/2003/EC on additives for use in animal nutrition). This code is the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additive and Premixture Operators. A parallel and independent certification system has been developed by FAMI-QS ASBL. Participation in the FAMI-QS auditable system is based on voluntary commitment. The FAMI-QS Code is certified by independent certification bodies, and run by the FAMI-QS Asbl association. FAMI-QS ASBL is the Feed Additive and Premixture Quality System European Association.

 Legal and Regulatory Compliance  Demonstrates sustainable production
 Compliance with the Codex HACCP  principles  Hazard analysis to evaluate threats to food  safety
 Increase in profitability  Provide recognition throughout the supply  chain
 Improves the  safety and quality of  product  Greater consistency and traceability of  products and services
 Dynamic communication with  interested parties  Competitive Advantage
 Customer Confidence, Satisfaction and  TRUST  Organisational Credibility & Reputation